Unlimited Billing, Unlimited Invoices

Billing in any accounting system is self-evident, but this saying is general and when to enter in the details of the contents of the bill and the way it functions  you will face an unlimited options and possibilities.

Some bills take into consideration the tax and some does not take it,  some of which can generate entries ,  and some without entries,  some of them affect the stock statistics and some has no effect  like services invoices ,  .....
And in front of this huge number of options , we worked on a  ​​creative idea that make  the system "Mas Net" covers more than one hundred commercial activity of different types and contents,
the idea  is  ​​"generator of invoices," it is a special section in our system let the  commercial activity  determine the choices they want and creates patterns invoice with choices they want "purchase invoices with the tax", “sales invoices without effect on stock”,  "sell orders affecting the warehouse and do not affect the entries" ...  the new invoice forms will be automaticlly afected by the system of preveileges of users (allow/prevent).