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Advantages of our Accounting And Inventory System
Remember that it works entirely through your Web browser!

BE Free from your PC! , Our system works on all devices even iPad and smart phones

Find the Benefits of Using Mas Net.

We understand that you would like to experience the system for taking the mature decision for your next accounting life!

Feel free to request a demo and we will ready to answer your questions, You will be surprized if you know that we already thought about your needs!

20 Modules
all are Cloud Basis, some of them:

  • Point of Sales
    Touchscreen Interface for Supermarkets and Shops
  • Accounting & Finance
    Financial and Analytic Accounting
  • Sales & Management
    Offers, Sales Orders, Invoicing
  • Warehouse Management
    Inventory, Storage, Quantity Adjustment,..
  • Instant Messaging
    Live Chat, Talks with Others, global Message/alert for users
  • Manufacturing
    Manufacturing Orders, Bill of Materials.
  • Purchase management
    Purchase Orders, Receptions, Supplier Invoices.
  • Assets Management.
  • Payment Follow-up Management
    Check Writing.
  • Document Management System
    This is a complete document management system.
  • Budgets Management
    Once the Budgets are defined (in Invoicing/Budgets/Budgets), the Project Managers can set the planned amount on each Analytic Account.
  • Fleet Management
    Vehicle, licenses, costs.

From Our Clients

System Screenshots

AllAccountingSome ReportsStock

Statement of Account

Statement of Account

Trial Balance

Trial Balance

Store Transfer

Item Card

Account Card

Accounts List

Receipt Note

Point of Sale

Sales Invoice

Tree of Accounts